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  Author  Subject: modems, netzero & stuff

Posted on 01-09-2001 08:35 p.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: dr oneill

Hello All:

re: modems...generic hardware modems are fine, even under linux. Like Mark,
I've yet to find I was unable to make one work. I wish I had more of them and
have been looking for a source. They typically retail for approximately $50
and can be set for PnP or jumpered in any manner one chooses.

The work on Winmodems continues. The problem, if one has a PC with a hefty
enough processor, is that they could work very well if the manufacturers
would release the specs coders need to write the drivers. In a few years,
perhaps sooner, I feel this may change. As far as winmodem drivers go, the
only ones I've heard of people getting to work well are those with the Lucent
LT chipset. But it's so much pain and time. Even if one has a laptop it's a
better option to buy something that works. I now sell USR PCMCIA cards for
$50 that are a breeze to setup in Linux. No complaints (but I do test all
this stuff myself under several different distros.) Check Sam's club on the
Blvd as well. A month or so ago they had USR externals (56K v.everthing) for
$49. I can guarantee they work for anything--*nix, Win etc. I've some 28.8
and 33.6 externals if you need one, figure $20. BTW, in my neighbourhood, one
can't connect at over 24K--it's the phone lines.

re: Netzero; while they do use straight PPP, they encrypt and do some
translation on the password. As recenty as a few months ago, if one signed up
in Windows, set the password in all numeric (no alpha) it would work in Linux
with no banner adverts. But why? If you shop around, you'll find a local ISP
for about $10 per month. Sorry I can't recommend one, but they are out there.

Good Luck!


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