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  Author  Subject: Re:Diamond Supra Express ISA Internal Modems

Posted on 01-09-2001 11:56 p.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: Rich Reiter

In an earlier post I stated that the Diamond Supra Express Internal ISA modem
was not supported by Linux. That is my belief, as I have 2 of them, and 2
external Supra Express modems. I came to this conclusion after trying to
set one up in RedHat 6.2, and was unable to - - perhaps that was just a lack
of skill on my part - - however, the RedHat Hardware supported data base for
6.2 says that it does not support the internal supra express 56k. ?????
I started with Linux last May,(RH 6.2) and the modem setup caused me the most
trouble. At the time, I was attending the Dayton Micro Computer Club Linux
SIG and it was suggested to me that I purchase an external modem as most work
well under Linux, and not all internals do. So I purchased an external supra
express, and I was off and running on the net.

I am encouraged to hear that Mark Krentel knows how to make the Supra Express
ISA 56k modem work under Linux - - for they are real trouble-free units. It
was Dreamscape that first recommended the Supra Express to me.

Again, thanks Mark for the new knowledge, and I look forward to getting to
talk to you in person and getting the full story on this issue. I had
planned to attend the Wed night meeting at OCC, but it is really snowing here
in Oswego, so I may not make it, but will try.

Best Regards,
Rich Reiter

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