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  Author  Subject: DR Oneill & Printers

Posted on 01-10-2001 10:23 p.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: Mark Sukoenig

Dennis, we missed you at tonight's meeting, where Nancy Fasoldt helped me
figure out how to get my mouse working on the laptop computer with Mandrake

Your suggestion to tell my desktop computer that I was using an Epson 680
instead of 777 was close, but DRAKE didn't have the 680 in the list, so I
tried other 600 series printer names. It works fine. Now for a similar
question. My laptop computer, when I have it at work, uses an HP Inkjet 710C
which DRAKE also doesn't have in its list. Any suggestions for what printer to
tell DRAKE I have to make this one work? I feel like I've tried every HP in
the list.

And what about the desktop computer, which prints to the Epson 777 fine with
email, but WON'T PRINT from StarOffice. Any idea how I can get StarOffice to
print to the Epson 777? (Again, both computers have Mandrake 7.2.)

Two more brief questions:
1- Are YOU the Dennis who owns 5R Processors, where I bought my Compaq LTE
5100's docking station?

2- Have you any FUNCTIONAL batteries left for this series of printers? One
came with the docking station, but it would never hold even 1 minute's charge.
I have 2 non-functional batteries for LTE 5100s.

Enough questions for now. Tell your dad I said "hi". He knew my mom, Shirley
Sukoenig, well when they were both faculty at Nottingham High School.


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