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  Author  Subject: X problems

Posted on 01-15-2001 09:23 p.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: Mark Krentel

Larry Austin asks:

> I've installed Linux Mandrake 7.0 with the default graphical login.
> However, whenever I install new software, and later switch off my
> machine, I am no longer able to get the login screen. My computer
> just hangs.

What software? An RPM package? You can remove RPMs with "rpm -e package".
And how far into the boot process does the machine hang?

It will probably help for debugging to turn off the graphical login.
That way, if the problem is X related, you can at least login before
starting X. You may need to use single-user mode. Early in the boot,
at the LILO prompt, hit the TAB key, and type "linux single".

If you can get in, then try disabling the graphical login. I'm not
sure where Mandrake starts this. It may be in /etc/sysconfig/, maybe
desktop? Or, look in /etc/rc.d/init.d/ for X related scripts (xdm?).
You can turn off an init.d script with ntsysv, or (as a temporary
kludge) just put a command "exit 0" early in a script that you want to

> As the machine shuts down I get the message X Font Server [Failed].

I don't think this is the real problem because it happens when you're
shutting down.

And Ted Byrd asks:

> I have tried installing the new version of XFree86 (4.0.2) but I don't seem
> to be able to get it right...everytime I configure it something happens like
> it won't boot right....

Yes, I've seen your post before. But you need to give more detail
about what kind of video card you have, what goes wrong and any error
messages. What happens when you try xf86config? Look back in the
December Archive (around Dec 10-11) for more suggestions and questions.

> I also have some updated binaries for my video card, and being a linux
> newbie, I am not sure how to go about installing these drivers

What binaries? Do you mean the drivers that came with the video card?
Those are for Windows, you don't use them with Linux (unless video
card manufacturers have become a lot more Linux aware).


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