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  Author  Subject: Adaptec scsi install

Posted on 06-12-2000 09:20 p.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: Bob Kayser

I have a Compaq Prosignia VS server with an adaptec controller on the
motherboard and 2 scsi hard drives and a scsi CD rom drive. I have
tried to install Mandrake, Caldera, and Suse to no avail. Even with the
modules diskette, I can't seem to get the drives recognized. Hence, no
install. While I am far from a sophisticated techie, I don't see anything on
the Compaq website which would help me. Anyone got any ideas? I
am viewing this as a learning experience. So far I have learned that
patience is a virtue and Compaq is a bummer :-)
Waiting for the next installfest, I remain, your frustrated newbie.....

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