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  Author  Subject: Caldera Linux application installation

Posted on 07-20-2001 03:41 p.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: Puppy45(

I have just installed the latest version of Caldera's Linux and I have a few
questions, if anyone can answer one or all it would be most helpful, so that
the questions have some sort of common ground when they are answered I'll
first write a couple of lines about my background -

Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer in Windows NT version 4.0, and Novell
Certified Administrator in 3.x and 4.x enviroments, lots of networking
expirience, computer science mayor with mostly C++ knowledge.

1. KDE 2 is included in the caldera package and loads at bootup, is KDE a
shell for XFree86?, if so should all X applications found on the internet work
on KDE?

2. What is the difference between X and K applications (I have seend a lot of
downloadable X11 apps that when names start with an x and a k, what is the
difference if any?)

3. How does linux remember paths, how can the path be viewed and edited?

4. What are shells, I think my x terminal is running the bash shell because
that's what the error messages say, but what is the difference between
shells?, do certain applications work in some shells and some in others or are
all shells designed to do the same? how can I switch between shells or install
other shells if necesary?

5. if KDE is a part of XFree86 how do I change the setting to use other
XFRee86 shells (is shell the right word for this?)?

6. as my first projects to learn a little linux I have set out to get xpacman
and xdoom to work (not realizing these aren't easy tasks), the first thing
when I tried the doom installation instructions is that it didn't say to add
"./" in front of the xdoom or sdoom command, what is the "./"? when I try to
configure packman it game me the following error message after a lot of the
compiling was done "checking for kde libraries installed... configure: error:
your system fails at linking a small KDE application! Check, if your
compiler is installed correctly and if you have used the same compiler to
compile qt and kdelibs as you did use now", this goes back to my paths
question earlier (I guess I also would like to know where applications like
compilers reside and maintain their path information) - in an attempt to fix
this I went into the KDevelop 1.4 application and configured the qt path to -
/usr/lib/qt2 and the KDE 2.x directory to /opt/kde2/ (mostly guessing, but I
think they are right because every time I would choose a bad path and error
would display), so one of the questions is - is KDeveloper 1.4 the compiler
used for qt and kdelibs?, if so did I configure the right paths?

7. As far as installing applications, is compiling your own applications the
usual standard for linux distribution?

I like linux so far and I am hoping that answeres to some of these questions
can help me continue finding out more, it there are other newsgroups where
there may be people who can help me with this please tell me so that I may
post these questions. Once again any help would be most appreciated - - Puppy45

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