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  Author  Subject: Suggestions for future web site upgrades

Posted on 06-04-2001 01:19 p.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: Michael Wierowski (

I was looking at the site and have a few suggestions for future changes.

1) Post new news on the home page of the site. Even if it's only updated once
a month, it makes the site look likes it's being updated and maintained. It
also provides a quick look at the groups on going activities.

2) Make the user forum threaded. I know that this probably isn't an easy
task, but it a project that can be taken on as a group. I know that everyone
doesn't have the knowledge to do this, but I'm sure that there are people
that have some knowledge about doing this and some that would like to learn.

3) create a monthly e-newsletter about what the group is doing and what's
coming up. Then have a page where people can subscribe and unsubscribe to
the newsletter (I know some people don't like junk mail). But this is a good
way to keep people informed.

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