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  Author  Subject: adjusting Corel Linux display settings

Posted on 06-07-2001 06:13 a.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: Ed McCorduck

I'm trying to adjust the display settings on the installation of Corel Linux
OS (Desktop Version 1.2, Kernel Version 2.2.16) on my Dell Inspiron 7500 with
an ATI Rage Mobility M/M/1/P video card (I've got Corel Linux on a
DOS/Windows partition on this computer). After starting Corel Linux logging
in as root, I go to Control Center > Settings > Desktop > Display Settings
and then choose the new setting I want under Screen Resolution, and then I
hit the Test Settings button, click on the Accept button on the screen that
appears, and then I'm taken back to the Display Settings tab window. Whether
I click on the Apply or OK buttons, I get the window "Test Settings--Save
your work in any open applications, log out, and press Ctl-Alt-Backspace to
restart the X server." I hit OK, close the Control Center window and logout.
I see the "This Corel Linux session is prepared for Logout" screen, and I hit
Ctl-Alt Backspace. I get the Login screen, but the whole screen is the same
resolution as before I when I tried to change it. Even if I hit "O.K."
after "This Corel Linux session is prepared for Logout," I'm taken back to
the login screen at old resolution. Hitting "Ctl-Alt Backspace" at this point
also does nothing but give me the login screen, at the old resolution.

Any help with enabling me to adjust my display resolution would be greatly
appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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