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  Author  Subject: cd image will not boot

Posted on 06-20-2001 01:10 a.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: jamie arnold

Hi, thanks for that ATI rage help. I'm just gonna get the update from a
friend who has the disc. My software I use is nero burning ROM, and there is
a section for making bootable CD's, I go there tell it where the image is on
my hard drive then go make the burn. I think it wont work because I'm not
using the right options when making the burn. One section, called expert
settings, talks about kind of emulation -- none, floppy or hard disk ??Which
one is it, then it has, Load segment of sectors (default is 07C0) and it has
number of loaded sectors (default is 1). I just left it as the default
because I have no clue. The other part I'm not sure about are the file option
settings. Do I use ISO level 1, or ISO level 2? Character set is probable
ISO 9660 instead of DOS or ASCII, Format mode 1 or 2 ? And check or uncheck
Joliet??? Once I get this right when I make the burn I'm sure the ISO
image I downloaded will work. I just started to learn linux last week so i'm
not so sure about a lot of things when it comes to this OS, but i'm
Thanks again

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