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  Author  Subject: Re: SCSI install

Posted on 06-13-2000 02:52 p.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: Mark Krentel

Oh, this is an old machine. I was guessing that the controller was
too new and Linux didn't have support for it yet. That often happens
with Linux and X-windows, especially with video cards.

The 777x is a pretty standard chip, I'm a little surprised it didn't
work. I've never used EISA, but the Hardware-HOWTO says fully
supported, both as a separate card (the 274x) and as an on-board chip.

Let's go through the SCSI checklist. Adaptec has a nice BIOS, can you
talk to the SCSI BIOS with ^A during boot up? Does the controller see
both disks and cdrom? Does it let you boot from cdrom? How large are
the disks?

Do you have Windows installed on this machine? Does it work ok?

Try installing again and select the most custom and expert options it
gives you. You want to find a screen that gives you options for
loading specific SCSI drivers. Try the 777x and 274x drivers and
anything else that seems close. Where does it get stuck? Can it see
the disks? The cdrom?

It may possibly a firmware issue, but I don't want to go there unless
all else fails.

No, I certainly wouldn't give up yet. The 777x is a standard
controller, and Linux should be able to talk to it. Patience is a
virtue and but so is persistence. That's how I got Linux installed,
it didn't work the first dozen times.


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