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  Author  Subject: Re: distributions

Posted on 06-23-2001 01:40 a.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: "Mark W. Krentel" <>

> I've got a 486 dx4 with 32 meg of ram. Anybody know of a distro(WITH X )
> that will not drag this dinosour to a crawl?

Some distributions (eg Mandrake) require a Pentium or higher and will
not run at all on a 486. Red Hat and Slackware will still run on a
486, afaik. Make sure you read the minimum requirements on the box
before buying.

But more important than which distribution is what applications you
intend to run. If you can do without Gnome, KDE, StarOffice and stick
to a small window manager (twm, fvwm2), you should be ok. Netscape
will be a little slow in drawing pictures, but your modem speed will
be more significant than your CPU speed for web browsing. Simple text
editing (even emacs) should be fine. And I don't think it's necessary
to pick a 4-5 year old version. Go ahead and use a recent version,
just go easy on the big applications.

And if you wanted to upgrade the hardware, there are several stores
in town that sell used computers. You can probably find a low end
Pentium for under $100.


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