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  Author  Subject: Cron

Posted on 06-25-2001 12:49 a.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: "Eric Mathison" <>

I am running KDE 2.2 and have recently created a program that I have yet to
finish. I have Crom to autostart it at the desired times of the week. Now my
question, well the part I don't understand is, that I have crom loading this
program and it does a series of operations then I want a file that it
creates transfered over to a removeable device. The thing is that the
removeable device has to be turned on for the transfer to happen. Now this
operation takes place at night and I want it the program to either wait for
the user to turn on the device then the computer detects the signal
automatically and begins to transfer the file, or to have a terminal popup
and print a message to continue. But how can you make a popup a window come
up to continue if crom is running the process? Please email me if you can
help. Thank you. email: <>

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