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  Author  Subject: RH7.0 install error: "AT keyboard not present?"

Posted on 03-04-2001 04:08 p.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: Joe Commisso

Hi slug,

I just found this site and I checked quickly through the past postings to see
if the was any reference to my problem and I couldn't find any. I also have
checked the internet to no avail. I found a few who had a similar problem,
but no solution. So, I ask here:

I have a second computer. A 486 box that I want to use as an internet server
to protect me from intrusion. I also have the book by Gerhard
Mourani: "Securing and Optimizing Linux: RedHat Edition", which explains this
in detail. The book can be found at: .
It has a free download if you don't want to buy it.

It details a minimal install without graphics (X). The only packages to
install are: Networked Workstation, Network Management Workstation, and
Utilities. Of the individual components, many are deselected before install,
such as finger, telnet, etc. for security reasons.

I went through the compoete install twice because I wanted to make sure I
didn't miss anything. Thouse 486s sure are slooow.

At the end of the install, it says to reboot and during the bootup where the
text scrolls up, it stops at the message:

"Keyboard Timeout: AT keyboard not present?"

I can do nothing here.
So I booted up to the boot floppy and type "linux rescue" which boots with
the floppy and the CD ROM up to the command line prompt. Now I have file
access to my new install and the keyboard works, but I am not sure what to do.

I posted a message last night to the forums at for users of the
aforementioned book and the author replied.

Here is what he said:

This can be related to a misconfiguration of your keyboard make during
setup of RH70. Verify if your keyboard make appears in the list of know and
available keyboard make. Also try to see under your BIOS if everything
related to your keyboard look right.

I told him that my BIOS was probably correct as I had reviewed it and that
the keyboard was working with the install and with the rescue floppy.

And he wrote back:

The RPM package, which contain tools related to keyboard is named
"console-tools". You can use command like "rpm -ql console-tools > result" to
list all components related to it into the file called result.

OK here is where I am thinking I should have posted to slug while in Linux. I
am on Windoze right now. What I need to tell you is what I found.
I'll have to reboot after posting here to tell you more.
My working computer is a DELL, which I am using.

Generally speaking, what I found in the DELL was a script-like file
referencing another file with the contents: KEYTABLE="us"

That was in the working computer. In the new install (486) box, neither of
the two files were there and not even the parent directories.

I am kind of thinking that maybe there is one more package component that I
may need through either a new install or just by adding it. Or maybe there is
just a fix I can't find on my own.

Now I'll reboot into Linux and tell you specifically what files and
directories I am talking about.

Thanks in advance,

Joe Commisso

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