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  Author  Subject: Re: RH7.0 install error: "AT keyboard not present?"

Posted on 03-04-2001 07:11 p.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: Joe Commisso <>

OK I am in Linux and I have the rest of the information:
This information is from my working DELL box:

Once I executed the command: "rpm -ql console-tools > result",

I had the file "result" to read.

It has many entries which would probably be too big to paste here, but I'll
just paste a few:


After that it goes into fonts.
Looking at the first few lines from above:


I did a man on loadkeys and that says: "Its main purpose is to load the kernel
keymap for the console."

I have that printed out.

One line is: "/etc/rc.d/init.d/keytable", which looks like a script file.
On the 486 box, this file is not even present.
On the 486 box, I have the /etc directory, but no /etc/rc.d

There is a reference in the DELL file (/etc/rc.d/init.d/keytable)
which is a comment: "description: This package loads the selected keyboard map
as set in /etc/sysconfig/keyboard."

Again, in the 486 box, there is no /etc/sysconfig folder to look in...

Please let me know what to look for or give further instructions or maybe a
web site that may help.

Thanks again in advance,

Joe Commisso <>

P.S. By the way a useful way to print out man pages that look good (formatted
nicely) is with: "gunzip -c <filepath> | groff -man | lpr -P<printer>" without
the quotes. Where filepath is where the man page actually resides. Mine is in
/usr/share/man/manx where manx could be man1, man2, ..., man8 All are
directories. What I do is cd over to where the page is and ls to see the
actual filenames to find it. Then for <filepath> above, I just use the
filename. They end with the .gz extension. Don't enter that part.

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