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  Author  Subject: Re: RH7.0 install error: "AT keyboard not present?"

Posted on 03-07-2001 01:25 a.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: "Mark W. Krentel" <>

I'm kinda stumped here, so don't put too much confidence in my
suggestions. Normally, it's only the PC BIOS that cares about a
keyboard, Linux shouldn't care. But I'll offer two suggestions.

First, check that Red Hat 7.0 supports 486's and doesn't require a
Pentium or higher. (I'm still using 6.1 until 7.1 comes out.)

Second, if your 486 is missing /etc/sysconfig/, /etc/rc.d/, and so on,
then you're missing some important stuff. Either RH has seriously
reorganized since 6.x or you didn't install some important packages.
Try reinstalling and do NOT select individual packages. Let RH pick a
default config. If this works, then you deleted too many packages,
like maybe console-tools.

> By the way a useful way to print out man pages that look good (formatted
> nicely) is with: "gunzip -c <filepath> | groff -man | lpr -P<printer>"

Even simpler is "man topic | lpr ...". But what I'd really do is
"man topic | cat -s | lpr ..." to remove extra blank lines. Of course,
this assumes the man page is actually installed.


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