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  Author  Subject: Re: RH7.0 install error: "AT keyboard not present?"

Posted on 03-10-2001 11:14 a.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: Joe Commisso

OK, I think Red Hat 7.0 has a problem with my 486 box. Actually it's a 5x86
AMD and Red Hat says it is supported.

I can install RH 4.1 relatively fast and easy, but v7.0 is excruciatingly slow
and does not install correctly.

Yesterday, the 486 box spent the whole day trying a (v7) regular workstation
install, even though that was not what I really wanted. I tried that to see
what would happen. The packages alone took 9 hours to install. Good thing I
started early.

Mark W. Krentel said to try the BIOS, but I think the BIOS is OK since RH 4.1
is installed OK. I've got RH 4.1 on there now, but I'd like to have v7 on
there so I can make it into a secure router as described below.

Is there anyone out there who has or knows about using RH 7 on a 5x86?


Joe Commisso

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