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  Author  Subject: Hard Drive Transfer

Posted on 03-10-2001 03:33 p.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: Chris

I have done this before with a 6 gig when I put a 10 gig hd in a new system.
I just took out the old 6, full of data, and set the jumper on the back side
to "slave" or "s" depending on your manufacturer. Then put it on the ribbon
from the main board as a slave. Be careful to not hook it up backwards. You
may get an error about hd not present. Disconnecting it will not harm your
data. Magnets will and so will excessive heat. Just handle carefully and make
sure the jumper is set to slave when you put it in the new system. Your bios
on the new system should be set to auto detect ide devices. If it isn't,
you'll know because it won't sense it being there. I hope this helps some.

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