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  Author  Subject: HD Transfer

Posted on 03-10-2001 04:02 p.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: Eckert

If you reconfigure your Hard Drive as a slave and you have Windows 9x/NT on it
you will have problems. Windows 9x/NT does not like living on a slave drive.

Linux can operate while loaded on a slave drive. To finish the transfer you
MUST reconfigure Linux.
1) Boot up in Linux and record the Partition information (ie which partition
has the root drive on it). (pretend /dev/hda5)
2) Create a boot/root diskette. (RH's root/boot images are fine)
3) Move the hard drive over to the new system
4) Boot up with the boot diskette and append "root=/dev/hdb?" where hdb? is
the partition of the Linux root. For example if the hard drive was moved to
the IDE0 slave spot and we use the pretend partition above then the new root
would be /dev/hdb5 so we would use the command "linux root=/dev/hdb5
init=/bin/bash" to start linux. (Note: you may need to use "mount" instead of
"linux", you can use the TAB key at the LILO prompt to see what kernels are
5) Ignore all errors when starting up, just wait till you are at the command
6) With Linux up we must remount the root partition as Read/Write. Issue the
command "mount -o remount /".
7) Now we must edit "/etc/lilo.conf". Change the "boot=" and "root="
entries. For example "boot=/dev/hda" and "root=/dev/hdb5". You mayt have to
update the "other" entries.
8) We must update the /etc/fstab file. Change the parition information as
9) We must now tell the kernel image where the root parition is located. Us
the command "rdev /vmImage /dev/hdb5". You can find the location of the image
(/vmImage) in the /etc/lilo.conf file.
10) We issue the "lilo" command to install lilo. If Lilo complains you need
to fix the /etc/lilo.conf file some more.
11) We need to remount the root partition in readonly mode (issue command
"mount -o remount -ro /").
12) Issue the command "sync" a few times for warm fuzzies.
13) Hit the reset button on the computer.
14) When lilo starts up start linux like you used to do.

NOTE: If you update /etc/lilo.conf, recompile the kernel, update the kernel,
or just feel like it you should issue the "lilo" command. You can NEVER issue
the lilo command too often.


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