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  Author  Subject: SCSI install-the continuing saga

Posted on 06-13-2000 08:18 p.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: Bob Kayser

When I said newbie, I REALLY meant it :-) . First the box has a minimal
install of Win95 which loads ok. It also has Boot magic running from the
installfest (I think you were the fine guy who helped me at that day). The
CDrom is a Compaq CDrom CR503BCQ SCSI-2 drive. This machine
also lists a Compaq integrated 32-bit Fast SCSI-2 Controller. I don't
know how to talk to the Adaptec SCSI Bios (listed by the way as Adaptec
2740 Bios v2.11) using ^a at bootup. If you'll tell me how, I'll give it a try.
Also, how will I know if it sees all the drives?
Right now, since I do not have the manual for the Compaq, I do not
know how to boot from a CD, so I am booting from the Linux floppy.
Would you be willing to talk about this a bit on the phone so I can be
precise in my responses? I'm at 682-9763 evenings, or 432-1340 days.
I'll be away Wednesday night and Thursday, but back late Thurs eve.
Thanks for the help .....and the patience!

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