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  Author  Subject: BASH Script Execution

Posted on 03-16-2001 11:35 a.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: Mike

Mark: I'm trying to run the shoutcast server which is a script file. Someone
told me to use the 'screen' command, but not sure how that works. I put a &
at the end of the line in the rc.local and turned off the stdout, but it's
still running in the foreground. Can I make it a crom job that I can shutdown
and restart the shoutcast server w/out restarting the box? I use it mostly
to stream, except I use it to act as a relay of a couple of shows and I have
to change the config file to do that. The way I have to do it now is change
the rc.local with the new config file and restart the box. It would be nicwe
to just shut the shoutcast server down and restart it.

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