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  Author  Subject: Re: BASH Script Execution

Posted on 03-18-2001 01:47 a.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: "Mark W. Krentel" <>

Well, & really does put a job in the background, but some programs
just aren't suitable to this. In particular, interactive programs,
and I suspect this is the problem.

Try starting the program manually in an xterm. That will show you
what input/output it expects. If it has interaction, then it's not
suitable for running in the background. Screen just gives you
multiple terminals inside a single console (it predates X windows).
You can accomplish the same thing simpler and better with multiple

You'll have to check the Shoutcast documentation for how they expect the
server to be started and stopped. I skimmed through,
and they were talking about running some program for a bit, then
putting it into the background with ^Z and bg. That suggests the
first part is interactive.

The difference between rc.local and cron is that rc.local is run once
at boot-up time. Cron jobs are run at regular intervals. Rebooting
is not really relevent, except of course, that it reruns rc.local.
But if that's all you care about, just run that part manually.


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