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  Author  Subject: BASH Script Execution

Posted on 03-19-2001 01:51 p.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: Mike

Mark - I solved the interactive part. I found out you can specify a config
file to use to get the settings, so there is no interactive part. I also
found out I had to use the & with no space at the end and it worked. Now
that it is running in the background there is no way to shut it down, right?
Now, if I telnet in and start it manualy and close the telnet window the
server stays running, but I still can't close it and restart it that way
either, at least I don't think so. Basically it will be up and running most
of the time ready for a stream. But there are a couple of other radio shows
that I set the server up to be a relay server for the other shows. And I
have a seperate config file for doing this. What I'm doing now is changing
the reference to the config file in the rc.local and restarting the machine.
Maybe this is the bast way to do it. I'm also going to look into running
another instance of the shoutcast server on a different port. Maybe that
would work. THat way I don't have to shutdown the first one.


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