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  Author  Subject: Re: BASH Script Execution

Posted on 03-21-2001 01:32 a.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: "Mark W. Krentel" <>

> Mark - I solved the interactive part. I found out you can specify a
> config file to use to get the settings, so there is no interactive
> part.

Good, that makes more sense. Then you should be able to run it
however you like.

> I also found out I had to use the & with no space at the end and it
> worked.

Extra space after the & won't make any difference.

> Now that it is running in the background there is no way to shut it
> down, right?

Oh no, not at all. Run "ps" (or maybe "ps auxww") to find its PID.
Then you can kill it with "kill PID". If you started it manually from
a terminal, then "fg" will put it back into the foreground where you
can kill it with Ctrl-C. (If you have multiple background jobs, run
"jobs" and "fg %n" where n is the job number.)

But check the Shoutcast docs for how it expects to be shut down.
Kill is not always the most graceful way to terminate a process.

> Now, if I telnet in and start it manualy and close the telnet window
> the server stays running,


> What I'm doing now is changing the reference to the config file in the
> rc.local and restarting the machine.

Rebooting is surely not necessary. About the only thing that really
requires rebooting is installing a new kernel.


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