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  Author  Subject: Re: how to get rid of excessive crond logging info

Posted on 05-09-2001 06:09 p.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: "Mark W. Krentel" <>

> my log file is full of these entries. how to configure syslogd to
> not log them? thanks for a reply.

Well, it took some digging into the Vixie cron source RPM to find out
what's really going on here. (Real programmers don't read man pages.)
Normally, cron's log messages go through syslogd. In that case, you
could edit /etc/syslog.conf to control what log messages go to what

But cron can also be compiled to bypass syslogd and log directly to
/var/log/cron. And this is what Linux has done, at least in RH 6.1.
And this explains why there is no cron entry in syslog.conf. So,
basically you're stuck, you can't prevent cron from making those log
entries, at least not without recompiling cron.

Personally, I don't consider these log entries as excessive, and my
recommendation is that you do nothing. They're just in /var/log/cron,
right? If they're in messages, then you have something else

But if you really, really wanted to get rid of them, there are a
couple of work arounds. First, you could edit /etc/cron.d/kmod and
run rmmod less frequently. It doesn't really need to be run every 10
minutes. Second, you could edit /etc/logrotate.d/cron and rotate the
log files more frequently and keep fewer of them. But I don't
consider either of these solutions to be worth the effort.


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