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  Author  Subject: RE: Bizarre Networking Gremlin

Posted on 11-03-2001 11:18 a.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: "vasudeva" <>

>Finally, I've never heard of, nor read of, nor experienced a
>mis-wired cable
>causing damage to hardware. However, I can imagine how if you were to not
>fully crimp the ends, the little metal tabs on the plug could stick out far
>enough to physically damage the pins in the jack. For that matter, I once
>knew Network Admin who had the habit jamming plugs upside down into jacks,
>thus damaging several. This fact, combined with your mention of having to
>force the plug into the jack leads me to believe that this or a faulty
>crimping may be your problem. If so, you'll probably have to buy a new
>network dongle, and you can kiss at least one port on your hub goodbye.

Well, I finally fixed my problem. It turns out that the cable that
originally ran from the first laptop into the hub was damaged. It didn't
occur to me to test it, because, as it turns out, the *second* cable -- the
one that ran from the docked laptop to the hub was *also* damaged, and two
discrete physical failures never occurred to me.

It seems that the brand-new RJ-45 jacks I bought require some fiddling to be
ready for primetime: specifically, they need that little flange (the one
that provides the ratcheting action and pop sound when inserted into a NIC's
receptacle) pried upward to stretch it up and introduce resistance. Without
this flange holding the jack in, it falls out; I was needlessly manhandling
it to try to get it to "fit."

All's well that ends well...


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