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  Author  Subject: Re: Perl & CGI

Posted on 11-08-2001 12:47 p.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: Jym Williams Zavada

I'm one of the System Administrators at Dreamscape, and there are some things
that I can address, but first I've also a couple of questions:

1) Did you call Dreamscape or just send e-mail? If you are going to use
e-mail, you should use, not This is possibly the reason your e-mail went
unanswered. As well, support via e-mail is not given high priority, so it can
take a while (meaning days, not hours) to get a response via e-mail. Phone
calls are returned as soon as possible, so if you call in for help the
turn-around time is much quicker.

2) When you were told to contact SYRLUG for help, what exactly did you ask
Dreamscape for help with? It may be that the person you communicated with
misunderstood what you were asking, and that's why they referred you to

Okay, now for some answers:

Because SYRLUG is a Linux User Group, our main focus is on Linux, not Perl/CGI
scripting. Although there may be something at, I
doubt that anything there relates to Perl/CGI, so I recommend doing a Google
search on CGI Perl Scripting for info/tutorials. There are literally
thousands of websites where you can find lots of useful stuff.

As to where to point your browser, from the URLs you listed, it looks like you
are trying to do run cgi scripts from your personal web directory, and that
won't work. In order to use cgi scripts for your personal web space, you'll
need request an account on Please call Dreamscape
(1-888-438-1895) and let them know you'd like a cgi account for your personal
web space. There is no extra charge involved if you already have a dial-up

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