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  Author  Subject: Samba - Works well but horrible to configure

Posted on 11-28-2001 04:58 p.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: Sean Campbell


I have used samba both in a professional enviroment and on my personal
network. Once it is correctly configured it works very well, I would say at
least as well as a windows file server. The problem with it is its
configuration file is really cryptic to read. Here is a few links that I
have used in the past when using samba:

This is a really good intro to how Samba works and what it can do.

Here is a link that discusses the configuration of Samba:

The best advice I can give you in terms of Samba is to take your time
configuring and testing it so you arent rushed. It will be a headache the
first time you configure it but hopefully it wont need to change much after
that. If you run into any bumps that the above docs dont cover feel free to
email me.

Sean C.

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