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  Author  Subject: winlinux 2001

Posted on 10-05-2001 06:04 p.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: Lawrence Murphy

I downloaded winlinux 2001, read everything on it, installed it on my 1.2 gig
Athalon, 384RAM,Windows ME,An ecs K7SEM motherboard w/sis 730 chip and a 30
gig hard drive with 17 gig free. I understand that Linux doesn't like SIS
chipsets, and yes I am brand new to Linux. The screen that followed after the
LILO boot manager was totally unreadable.I would like to know how to get LILO
off my machine now. I uninstalled from windows and deleted every file I could
find, including the registry. My windows works fine, it's just annoying
having the boot manager left. I also have Mandrake 8.1 and Red Hat 7.1 which
I plan to install, only I plan to install Trios (a three way hard drive
swithch) and another hard drive first. Thanks for any help you can give me
and I wouldn't mind a personal e-mail either. I live in Rome,NY. My e-mail is I plan on getting into a group somewhere. I've been
reading newsgroups and anything I can on Linux. Thanks again. Larry Murphy

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