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  Author  Subject: Re: Bizarre Networking Gremlin

Posted on 10-10-2001 11:45 p.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: Jym Williams Zavada


I find it interesting that this mail just arrived. I had more than a few
frustrating moments today crimping connectors at a project I'm working on.
It involves wireless routers and bridges, but hardwired access points and
switches as well. The scope and budget of the project neither demanded nor
required parch panels--now much to my chagrin.

In any case, I terminated one Cat5 cable 18 times before it was OK. Yes, I
had to snip off the old connector, strip again, and do it all over--and over
and over and over.

I knew in each case there was a problem on the crimp as I could feel it

The problem was with the RJ45 connectors themselves--they are injection
molded plastic and tolerances were off. I purchased from two different
vendors, but as it turned out the manufacturer was the same and they likely
came from the same lot.

I agree with Jym. Buy a very good crimping tool, and do invest in a Cat5
testing unit--but be sure to get one with a remote unit. They are $80 at
both Home Depot and Salina Electronics, but the exact same device can be
had for $40 on the net.

Also buy good Cat 5 cable. It's not all the same. I prefer Belden, but have
used others. Salina has a cheap sub-brand of Belden and it's junk. Hate to
say it but what Home Depot now has for $35 a box (500 ft, gray only) is
pretty good stuff and easy to work with. I only use that in a pinch, usually
buy from for local stuff. Believe it or not,
some of the cables I had to make for the current project needed to be pink
Cable Express had what I needed.



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Sent: Wednesday, October 10, 2001 10:51 PM
Subject: Re: Bizarre Networking Gremlin

> Date: Wed Oct 10 22:51:45 EDT 2001
> Name: Jym Williams Zavada
> Subject: Re: Bizarre Networking Gremlin
> A few issues here:
> First, in my experience as System/Network Administrator, I'd have to say
> approximately 20% of all 10baseT ethernet cable ends are duds. That
> both those bought commercially as well as those hand-crimped by me and my
> colleagues. It is well worth your time and energy to buy one of those
> cable testers. And a _quality_ crimper saves on curses as well!
> Next, you may want to check out
> and our own
> for Ethernet
> Cabling details.
> Finally, I've never heard of, nor read of, nor experienced a mis-wired
> causing damage to hardware. However, I can imagine how if you were to not
> fully crimp the ends, the little metal tabs on the plug could stick out
> enough to physically damage the pins in the jack. For that matter, I once
> knew Network Admin who had the habit jamming plugs upside down into jacks,
> thus damaging several. This fact, combined with your mention of having to
> force the plug into the jack leads me to believe that this or a faulty
> crimping may be your problem. If so, you'll probably have to buy a new
> network dongle, and you can kiss at least one port on your hub goodbye.

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