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  Author  Subject: Pine and POP3

Posted on 09-06-2001 06:24 p.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: Mike

At the last SyrLUG meeting, the question "Can Pine do POP3?" was raised.
From, I quote:

As of Pine 4.00, you can read your email off of a pop3 server. To set
it up, you should specify your inbox-path in your Pine setup. You can
either edit your .pinerc file, or go to (M)ain (S)etup (C)onfigure and
then look for the inbox-path option and set it like so:

inbox-path = {}INBOX

The important part is the /pop3 which tell Pine that it is contacting
a POP server. If your username on your pop3 server is different from
your local username, you need to specify the /user= part. Otherwise,
you can leave it out.

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