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  Author  Subject: Event Handling w/ QT

Posted on 09-25-2001 05:47 p.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: David Bojdak

Here is some code to help present my problem:

class A

bool keepRunning;

void longFunction()


void stopRunning()
keepRunning = false;

class SomeQtGuiImpl : public SomeQtGui

A instanceOfA;

Public Slots:

Virtual Void runFunc()
instanceOfA.keepRunning = true;

virtual void stopFunc()

What I want to be able to do is occasionally check to see if any signals
are called from my instance of SomeQtGuiImpl while I am in the
instanceOfA.longFunction() while-loop.

Is this possible?

Is there some command that could halt instanceOfA.longFunction() , check the
event Queue and run all of the necessary slots, finally returning back to
instanceOfA.longFunction() ?

Will I need to resort to Qthreads?

Any help is appreciated...

Thank You,

David Bojdak

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