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  Author  Subject: Re: Linux Backup?

Posted on 04-11-2002 10:59 p.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: "Mark W. Krentel" <>

> My department is investigating a database server that runs on a Linux box.

MySQL and PostgreSQL are good, free SQL servers, and I'm sure there's
no shortage of commercial options.

> I have no Linux experience. Could anyone tell me if you are running any
> production systems on Linux server? What are you using for backup/disaster
> recovery?

Well, I don't run a production server, unless you count
The classic Unix backup program is dump. It's good, comes free with
Linux, works incrementally, handles the peculiarities of the Unix file
system, and can be run over a network. Many Unix sites will dump to
tape with some custom scripts to handle their local needs. (Syrlug
runs nightly incremental dumps to a second disk.)

There are also commercial options like Amanda and BRU (I guess they're
commercial). If your address is SU, I'm sure the Unix admins there
can help you with your choices.


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