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  Author  Subject: For email settings

Posted on 08-16-2002 07:31 p.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: Steve Brock


I just recently got cable access.
When I called and ordered the service
the saleswoman said I had to have WINx
installed in order for them to come out
and install Road Runner.

So to make things easy I installed WinME
Everything worked fine including Email.

As soon as the tech guy was gone, I was on
my way to re-installing RH.

I configured Kmail to the proper settings

added 2 email accounts
When I try to send or recieve
I get the following error:
Error Connecting to
Could not login to

I said:
"PASS <yourpassword>"

And then the server said:
"-ERR Password failed for"

Now I know for a fact my passwd is correct, I have checked it
over and over.

Any ideas?

Steve Brock

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