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  Author  Subject: Installing Linux with RAID

Posted on 08-25-2002 09:54 p.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: John Schumann

Here is my setup:


No Floppy
LS-120 on IDE 1 Master
Zip 250 on IDE 1 Slave
HP CDRW/DVD on IDE 2 Master
IDE 2 Slave is blank

On RAID Channels I have
30G Striped by itself as boot with Win XP on IDE 100 1 Master
40G (Striped with IDE 100 2 Master) on IDE 100 1 Slave
40G Striped on IDE 100 2 Master
IDE 100 2 Slave blank

The 30G striped by itself is in a removable enclosure, so I have a 6G drive
I put in another enclosure that I want to load Linux on.

So I try to load Mandrake 8.2 and all goes well until partition time. For
some reason Mandrake only sees the 40G drive on IDE 100 2 Master (as un-

So I try to load a driver I got from the Promise (RAID) site that is for Red
Hat. Unfortunately, Mandrake won't see the disk. It is looking for FD0 and
I don't have one! I figured that the LS-120 would configure as FD0.

Redhat install does the same thing.

So as I see it I need to install a floppy and try to load the RAID driver.
Or figure out how to access the LS-120 during the install. I see messages
fly by that say it detected the LS-120, Zip, DVD and my 40G drive as HDE. I
don't want to mess with 1/2 of my striped drive... I will loose access to it
in windows.

Any ideas?


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