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  Author  Subject: UNIX Sucks

Posted on 08-27-2002 08:55 p.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: Steve Brock <>

My response to the "information" contained at

1. Why UNIX sucks
UNIX sucks because of the end users inability to
fully utilize *nix configurations. (i.e. stability
and security)

2.Common Misconceptions about UNIX
Your misconception is a "misconception" in itself.
Lets begin with the BSD (Blue Screen of Death)
You are correct in saying that "poorly" written
applications and or drivers are the main cause of
the BSD. But you failed to point out that when
an application or driver(s) cause this, that the
whole OS (Windows) is brought down (crashed).
This rarely happens in a UNIX enviroment. I'm not
saying that applications don't crash ever, but when
they do, they don't (rarely) bring down the OS.
You are given the ability to "kill" the problamatic
application. How many times have you had to hit
Ctrl Alt Del just to kill one application?

About Webserver stability. Let me sum this one up
real quick: Apache + *nix = STABILITY
If you run Apache in a WIN32 enviroment, of course
there will be a lack of stability, and the same goes
for IIS running in wine. ;)

About Security. Wow, how far off can you be here?
Well without the origin of these basic, "rudimentary
protocols", you wouldn't have your site.
If you versed yourself in any up-to-date security
advisories (oh for the last 4-5 years or so) you'll see
that it is common practice to not use these "rudimentary
Skipping along now to Kerberos. Kerberos was only recently
introduced to the Windows enviroment (Windows 2000).
It has been apart of the UNIX enviroment for some time now.
As for people "bitching" about how insecure windows is,
consider this, how many people use windows vs. *nix?
When you have a mainstream OS such as Windows you are bound
to have numerous applications with numerous insecurites with
numerous amounts of people doing numerous amounts of bitching.
Why? Because they have no idea on how to fix the problem.
Is this Microsofts problem? NO. This is Microsofts Success.

3.Story about bitching UNIX zealots.
As far as the benchmark test. I wouldn't know, I'm not GUI
dependant and my console speed is just fine.
"Worshippers are still worshippers, they just blindly belive
and idolising their favorite OS." Hmm, isn't this what you
are doing?

4. Real cost of Open Source.
Evidently you have no clue what "Open Source" stands for.
I think its safer this way.

5. Can Windows be used in your organization.

6. What UNIX people call me.
Add this to your list: Only Slightly Informed

You have my permission to re-print this email on your website.

Steve Brock

UNIX is basically a simple operating system, but you
have to be a genius to understand the simplicity
Dennis Ritchie

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