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  Author  Subject: internal network

Posted on 02-08-2002 07:29 p.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: Matt

I was at the users group the other evening (linux virgin). I found it to be
quite interesting, in spite of the fact that I was lost at the first mention
of "tarball". I am going to try to sound as educated as I possibly can, but
forgive me my linux ignorance. I will try to be as brief as possible while
trying not to leave out any pertinant facts.

I have a Windows XP box, fairly powerful (900 mhz K6, 128 mb ram) a descent
machine. I loaded RedHat 7.1 onto a 486 166mhz pentium. Puts win 95 to
shame. No big issues with instalation still working on configuring it to my

I would really like to take this puppy for a spin on the internet. My
question is: what is the easiest (something an idiot such as myself) way to
get windows and linux to talk to each other. I would like to use the XP box
as a gateway for the linux box. If it makes any difference at all, I'm using
Road Runner.

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