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  Author  Subject: Re: Can't write to floppy

Posted on 02-11-2002 01:43 a.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: "Mark W. Krentel" <>

> I have read man pages for fstab and mount, but am unclear on
> what is wrong.

Although it is possible to mount a floppy, it's far more common and
simpler to use mtools. See if you have the "mtools" package and
install it if necessary. Stick a DOS floppy in the drive and try:

mdir a:

If that gives you listing of the floppy, then try the man pages for
mtools, mdir, mcopy, etc.

If writing to the floppy gives an error with mcopy, check that the
write tab on the floppy is set (hole closed). Also, read and write
access is controlled by the permissions on the /dev/fd0* entries.
It should work for root, but for a user, you'll either have to add
permissions or add the user to group floppy.


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