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  Author  Subject: Re: Shutdown hangs on eth1

Posted on 02-28-2002 01:29 a.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: "Mark W. Krentel" <>

> I am hoping someone has a simple solution to this. When shutting down Mandrake
> 8.1, It looks like it shuts down eth0 (cable connection), but hangs on
> shutting down eth1 (home network). As a result I have to do a reset, hence
> when I reboot into Mandrake, hda6 was not cleanly unmounted, and check is
> forced.

I'm not sure how simple this is, but I'm guessing that shutting down
eth1 is actually not the problem. Taking an interface down is not
like unmounting a partition. You can always turn it off even if it's
being used, and it won't cause a partition to be unclean.

Try this experiment. Run "ifconfig eth1 down" to turn off eth1, and
see if you get any error messages (do this from the console). You may
as well turn off eth0 too. You can verify that they're off with
"ifconfig -a". An interface that fails to say UP and RUNNING is off.
Then reboot and see if the problem is still there.

I'm guessing the problem is some other service that's hanging when you
turn it off. Try "ps auxw" and "ntsysv" to see what servers you're
running. You could try turning them off one by one with their script
in /etc/rc.d/init.d. For example, in init.d, "./httpd stop" would
turn off Apache. If one hangs, wait at least 2-3 minutes. There are
network timeouts that take that long. And does this machine run NFS?

> Is there a log I can look at to get more insight into what's going on?

There's always /var/log/messages. I don't think you'll find anything
useful for this problem, but you should always look.


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