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  Author  Subject: Re: CD-RW Suggestions

Posted on 06-22-2000 02:24 a.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: Mark Krentel

I don't own a CD burner, so I can't suggest specific models. But the way
SCSI works, Linux only has to talk to the controller and the controller
runs the device. So, assuming it's true SCSI (not pseudo-SCSI that runs
off the parallel port or a sound card), pretty much any device will work
in Linux. And of course, no PC manufacturer makes any hardware that
doesn't run under Windows.

The CD-Writing-HOWTO says:

You can safely assume that most newer IDE/ATAPI- and SCSI-writers work
under Linux. Newer drives are mostly MMC-compliant and therefore

But maybe someone who owns a burner can suggest a model they like.


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