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  Author  Subject: Re: BeOS

Posted on 07-07-2002 10:48 p.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: Mark Krentel

Ok, from your lilo.conf and df, your Linux boot partition is /dev/hdb5
mounted on /. And although there's nothing wrong with a small / from
Linux's view (mine is 100meg), indeed it doesn't hold the 500meg Be
image. You could try symlinking it. Put the files in /home/BeOS and
make a symlink with "ln -s /home/BeOS /BeOS". That might work depending
on how much Be knows about ext2fs.

But here's the missing piece that I don't know because I've never tried
BeOS. Why does it care that it's image is on Linux's boot partition,
or any ext2 partition for that matter? And where and how do you tell
it which partition is the boot one and how to find And what's
in the readme file?

Before you give up and reshuffle all your partitions, it seems that
/backup is almost empty. You could tar copy it onto /var and install
a second, minimal Linux system there with everything on one partition.
If you want to try this, be VERY careful during the new install.
Don't let it reformat or even write onto your old Linux partitions.
And you probably want to have the new install put LILO on its root
partition. Leave the MBR under the control of the old install. To
boot the new one, it will actually run LILO twice, but that's ok. But
before you try this, I would first figure out why Be cares about being
on the boot partition.


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