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  Author  Subject: Change of Email Address for Me

Posted on 07-10-2002 07:58 p.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: "vasudeva" <>

Hi, everybody. I'm changing my email address.

Chances are you don't care. This is because, instead of crafting an
individual email to all the people who I think might actually care, I'm
simply sending this to everyone in my address book. Since my mail client
stores the email address of every single human I've ever sent email to, this
totally decreases the chances of you -- whoever you are -- caring in the

It does, however, make this lots more fun for me.

So. If you think you may ever, ever use my email address again -- -- go find your address book, or the back of an
envelope, or whatever backwards technology you use to store email addresses,
and write this down instead:

That's the email address I'll be available at from now on.

This concludes this one-time, almost-random message.

Thanks, and stuff like that.



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