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  Author  Subject: New Group Starting

Posted on 06-16-2002 09:38 a.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: bdurr <>

Personnel Concerned;

I wish to take just a quick moment of your time to request some basic
information on starting up a Linux User Group.

A friend and I have been kicking around the idea of getting Central
New York Linux User Group off the ground. Being a recently Laid-Off
Computer Hardware Technician I now have time to invest in something
like this and possibly be a "bridge" between other groups
(i.e. Syracuse, Albany, Rochester/Buffalo, etc.) as there appears to
be nothing in this area that is Unix related besides the SUNY
Tech. students.

We have a good chance at getting a "space" for our gathering and I
have various systems to use for "Install Fests" as I would prefer alot
of "Hands-On" time. I've noticed that other computer groups do NOT
offer any sort of Hands-On time or Feedback.

Should you have the time, any information would be appreciated toward
this endeavor.


Brian Durr

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