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  Author  Subject: Re: Lilo hanging

Posted on 06-21-2002 12:49 p.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: Bill Marshall wrote:

>Date: Fri Jun 21 12:39:19 EDT 2002
>Name: Bill Marshall
>Subject: Lilo hanging
>I installed Red Hat on an old old computer for my neice to play with.
>It will hang at Li when I try to boot from the hard drive. But works with
>the Floppy. I have edited /etc/lilo.conf to read hda1 like "df" says is the
>root drive, and the verbose stuff says /boot.0301 exists no back up needed,
>and have run lilo -v -v -v but afterwards it still hangs.
>What am I overlooking?

The failure mode you described (the LILO loader stops at just LI) is
described in the documentation depending on your distribution/source.
Basically the boot loader prints the letters LILO one at a time, and
each at a specific point in its boot process. This is useful for
debugging and troubleshooting. LI says the the first stage boot loader
completed, and the second stage boot loader was found, but the mapping
data (used to find the kernels, etc) was not. This is usually due to a
problem where the BIOS and the LILO loader are using incompatible
blocking addressing modes. (One is using CHS --- cylinder/head/sector
--- while the other is using LBA/linear).
Sometimes SCSI expect linear addressing, some SCSI controllers or
controller/drive combinations emulate the old WD1003 (ST506) interface
closely enough that CHS addresses will do.

Sometimes you need to switch your CMOS/BIOS to use UDMA/LBA modes and/or
add the "linear" to your /etc/lilo.conf --- sometimes you need to just
take the "linear" directive out of /etc/lilo.conf (and re-run
/sbin/lilo, of course).

If "linear" is in lilo.conf just comment it out using a #.

Good Luck,


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