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  Author  Subject: Re: new installation problems

Posted on 03-16-2002 01:50 a.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: "Mark W. Krentel" <>

> I installed mandrake linux as a dual boot with windows. I placed it on my
> second larger drive. Except for being unable to print a test page I think
> the install went good. But was unable to restart after the install. All I
> got was Lol then nothing. So needing the computer I used my rescue disk to
> start windows. In the process changing the partition record.

I think the problem is in the boot manager in the MBR. Were you using
a boot manager or did your machine boot directly into windows? Which
version of windows? And let me check, can you boot Linux, windows,
or neither without a rescue disk?

Anyway, you'll need some boot manager to dual boot. LILO (the Linux
Loader) can do this. What is in /etc/lilo.conf in Linux? All you
should need is a few lines in lilo.conf like:

other = /dev/hda1
table = /dev/hda
label = windows

And then rerun "lilo" as root. This assumes that windows is on hda1,
the first partition ("1") on the first disk ("a"). If you can boot
Linux, read the man page for lilo.conf. Also, try the mini Howtos for
"LILO" and "Multiboot with LILO" at:


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