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  Author  Subject: PCMCIA modem that works for Linux.

Posted on 03-18-2002 01:20 a.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: Bill Regan

I was wondering if anyone out there uses a laptop with Linux. If so, do you
use a pcmcia modem? If that modem works with Linux, I would greatly appreciate
the make and model number of it. I have Mandrake 8.1, and need to have a known
good modem model number, so I can buy one that will work. I cant seem to get
away from Winmodems, and I dont trust many modems out there, as they
frequently dont specify whether or not they are Winmodems. The internal one on
my machine is just that. So, if you have one that is not, and works, please
send the model number, and whatever I get, I will compile a list for all
laptop users to use, and post it on here once they are all in. Thanks to
SYRLUG, this is a great resource!


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