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  Author  Subject: Re: Linux DualBoot with Windows XP

Posted on 03-20-2002 01:23 a.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: "Mark W. Krentel" <>

> I installed Mandrake to a partition on my D drive, but when I boot it only
> recognizes Windows XP. The boot disk I made works like a champ. What I
> want to do is transfer the settings on the bootdisk to the boot.ini file so
> I don't have to use the floppy to boot.

Sounds like yet another boot manager problem. You put a boot manager
into the MBR to choose between Linux and XP (and others). To use LILO
as the boot manager (there are other choices), you get into Linux,
edit /etc/lilo.conf to make entries for both Linux and XP, and run
lilo. See messages below for Feb 17 and Mar 16-17.

Are boot.ini and syslinux.cfg DOS files? And are you trying to start
Linux from LOADLIN? That's an alternative to using a boot manager.
But since I've never used LOADLIN, I'll just refer you to the mini


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