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  Author  Subject: SGI indy help

Posted on 03-22-2002 03:14 p.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: Michael Henecke

If any one here has a silicon grophics indy that can log-in with root i need
i just bought an indy and it runs but i cant log-in, i have disabled the prom
password and was woundering if any one has one that can log-in as root if so
i am going to bring it to the next syrlug meeting i know how to disable the
password if i could use a hard drive from another indy to hack into my hard
if any one has any other suggestions that would be great.
I dont have a cdrom in it or the install cd's (having no install cd's is
sorta a moot point with no cdrom).
it looks like a good box if i could get in then im going to try multi booting
it to linux.
if you would like to see some pics of it goto this site

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