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  Author  Subject: Gotta love Irix!

Posted on 03-22-2002 04:44 p.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: Sean C.


My suggestion for the future is to buy the latest Irix OS cd's from ebay, they
come in pretty handy with things like this:) Im not sure if this would work
but I think linux can mount xfs filesystems which you could then mount and
edit the /etc/passwd file, but if it EFS then it is most likely running Irix
5.3 and im not sure if linux can see that. On a side note Irix 5.3 is really
old and not very good compared to 6.5, so I would reccomend a fresh reinstall.
If you do have 5.3 tho let me know and I can mail you a 5.3 cd since it
doesnt do me much good. If you require any additional help with your SGI let
me know.

Sean Campbell

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