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  Author  Subject: laptop tips needed

Posted on 03-24-2002 12:05 p.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: Bill Marshall

I just did E-Bay for the first time and got a cheap laptop


You are bidding on a Toshiba 105 CS Laptop computer, with a Pentium 90MHz 24
megs of ram and a 540 meg hard drive. It comes with a PCMCIA 4x CD ROM drive
and 28.8 PCMCIA modem and a Cannon BJC 70 Color ink jet printer. All cables
and manuals are included all are in working order but all are sold as is.
There is a guaranteed to not be DOA or your money back. The hard drive is OK
but has some bad sectors. It currently has DOS 6.22 and the driver for the
ROM loaded. Everything has been tested and seems to work well. The printer
needs a new ink cartridge though. I prefer payment with paypal and shipping
and handling is $20.00
Any tips or tricks you have for putting a linux system on here will
be greatly appreciated. All I want to do with this laptop is be able to
read webpages that I copied with home computer, and be able to do the
practice exercises that might accompany them. "No internet surfing"
How small of a system am I looking to install, I have mandrake 6.1
helios plus 7.0-2 plus 8.0 and red-hat 5.1 and caldera open linux lite 1.2
I have found the website "linux on laptops", but that does't help in
finding out how minimal an installation I can come up with or how to find
and work around a bad sector on a small hard drive.
If you have any suggestions, you can email me at
"" or post them, I should be back next week and the
laptop should get here soon. I'm looking forward to being able to work with
linux on the road in my Big Truck. As always, thanks for all your
collective help.

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