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  Author  Subject: Re: laptop tips needed

Posted on 03-29-2002 02:15 a.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: "Mark W. Krentel" <>

> You are bidding on a Toshiba 105 CS Laptop computer, with a Pentium 90MHz 24
> megs of ram and a 540 meg hard drive. It comes with a PCMCIA 4x CD ROM drive
> and 28.8 PCMCIA modem and a Cannon BJC 70 Color ink jet printer.

I'd say your first responsibility is to see if Linux can boot and find
the CD and hard disk. You'll probably have to boot off the floppy,
and you'll probably have to make a special floppy for pcmcia. Look on
your install CDs for a pcmcia boot floppy and copy it onto a floppy
with rawrite.exe from DOS (or with dd if you have access to unix).
Stick in the floppy and CD and see what happens.

But I don't use laptops, so I'll refer you to the Laptop Howto:

As for choice of packages, avoid large, optional packages such as
Gnome, KDE, Star Office, and gcc. Use a small window manager such as
twm or fvwm, or skip X entirely (but I think you'll probably want X).
540 Meg is pretty tight but can be done.

Also, we're having an upcoming install fest, probably Sat, April 20.
If you can come to that, someone can help guide you through the choices.

> All I want to do with this laptop is be able to
> read webpages that I copied with home computer

How will you copy the web pages to your laptop? Does it have an
ethernet connection? Anyway, reading web pages probably requires
netscape and thus X windows.

> The hard drive is OK but has some bad sectors.

I've never needed to do this, but it appears the Linux program for
handling bad sectors is "badblocks" (part of e2fsprogs). Also, during
the install, when you make the partitions, look for an option to check
for bad blocks.


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